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33458 Dentist

At Garine Prosthodontics, our office is an exceptional resource for the rehabilitation, restoration, or reconstruction of your smile. Headed by our experienced prosthodontist, Dr. Wael N. Garine, our team is skilled and experienced when it comes to the quality fabrication of restorative crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants, and can produce the most esthetically pleasing results for your smile. With a reputation in providing gentle, compassionate care, along with hard results, our office offers a sweeping range of advanced dental services for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re in need of emergency dental care, the restoration or replacement of damaged or missing teeth, you’ll be in the very best of hands with your 33458 dentist.

33458 Dentist

Whether decay, injury, or infection has left you in need of a dental crown, you can depend on your 33458 dentist to produce the most exquisite results for your smile. Dental crowns are an excellent means of repairing and reinforcing a structurally compromised tooth. Making use of only the highest dental grade materials, if you require a dental crown, your dentist will take the utmost care to match it to the shade, shape, and apparent alignment of your teeth. With modern restorative science and a firm knowledge of dental and facial esthetics, our team can produce results that are nothing short of seamless! If you have any missing teeth, our office also provides a wide selection of replacement options. When an edentulous area has healthy, sturdy teeth on either side of the space, in many cases, a dental bridge can be an effective option in care. Fully customized to restore the natural appearance and function of your missing teeth, bridges are secured atop your treated neighboring teeth, and, as the name implies, literally bridge the gap in between.

If you’re seeking a 33458 dentist who offers the finest quality restorative dental care, look to the experienced pros at Garine Prosthodontics. To learn more about the comprehensive range of advanced dental treatments available at our office, give us a call today!

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